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Our Process

1. Design

| Job Walks| Documentation |Drawings |

Our estimators will assess the project, including job walks and meeting to nail down the scope and goals for your project. Our initial steps for starting a new project are to take notes, photos, collect any images or docs, plans and images the customer has, and design based on what we know works.

2. Proposal

| Plan Takeoff| Estimates |RFPs |

We're a one-stop shop for security, our niche is being able to handle contracting for sizable projects from perimeter to interior. We're confident you'll find our knowledge valuable when engineering your project in the proposal phase.

3. Revision

| Meetings | Engineering |Conferences |

Once you receive a proposal we will work with you step by step to achieve what you had in mind and accomplish your goals for the project. We'll revise our proposal to meet your needs if necessary. A project can take months and often years to develop, so we'll stay with you during the process.

4. Contract Approval

| Schedules| Installation |Expectations |

It begins! Once we have a signed contract we'll setup a kickoff meeting with project management. We're confident you'll find our knowledge valuable when engineering your project in the proposal phase.

5. Project Closeout

| As-Builts| Training |Warranty |

Once the equipment is installed & configured we move to closeout the job with as-built drawings. We include management time to deliver closeout documents, manuals, warranty docs. This is because we want our clients comfortable with their new equipment. We typically include training time for management and staff, if applicable to the job. Our project management and customer service teams are all well equipped to help you along the way.

6. Upkeep

| Service| Maintenance |Live CSRs |

We're in it for the long-term. Because of that, we strive not to be change order artists, but there's always a time where it may be necessary due to unforeseen issues during a project. A big part of automation and technology equipment is maintenance and upkeep. Our service team is standing by daily. Learn more here.

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